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    My job as a groomer is not to make every animal beautiful, but to make every animal, your family member healthy and happy.

    My job is to look and bring to your attention any concerns if any with the animal’s skin, hair, ears, eyes, nails and paws.

    My job as a groomer is to make the choice of VANITY or HUMANITY………………

    Here at Fetching Furs Grooming Salon my vision is to have a fun, happy and stress-free experience for your animal. I am a self-running salon and take pride in each animal. I work with best of intention and with a full heart.

    I want to be fully upfront and honest with every client and want the same from them. If we work as a team your family member will receive love from everyone involved with their care.

Dixie Sunday - Owner Fetching Furs Grooming Salon

Featured Groom

Hercules - Saint Bernard


Dixie did an excellent job grooming my dog. She is also very friendly.

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